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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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a five year-old girl dies after being trapped by intense smoke in the basement of her suburban home tonight the firefighters that tried to save her are overwhelmed with grief. not officially confirmed yet but she was a five year-old girl who loved to play, witnesses tell us firefighters pulled her limp body from a bathroom in the basement of this home she later died at vista medical center the
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little girl was the only one in the basement when the fire started around 11:00 this morning firefighters arriving at the scene within minutes were confronted with intense smoke and heat, there was only one smoke detector in the basement and it did not have a battery it only took 3 gal. of water and less than 15 minutes to put the blaze out a little girl, a kindergartner was overcome by smoke the fire was possibly started by a match igniting a plastic basket full of clothes the fire chief and i wouldn't confirm if this could be a case of a child playing with matches. we have determined that it was a fire that was set by a flaming hand-held device but who said it
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or if it was accidental we cannot determine that she was the only one in the basement. she was very bubbly and she loved to play everywhere. she would come over to my house and just play with all of the toys we had she would love to play with everyone. >> the girl's mother was at work at the time of the fire tonight she is staying with friends and several other people who live here have been displaced as well the fire chief brought in what is called a critical stress debriefing teams for the first responders some of whom are having a very difficult time knowing that even though they did all they could they could not save this little girl. the body of a man who has been missing for a week or so was found in a pond south barrington
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home this afternoon divers using sonar found him in 7 ft. of water after searching for several hours today near the home that he shared with his mother last seen and he was dressed as the incredible hulk, he had a mild form of optimismand autism and the family today said that their worst fears have come true. >> so much kindness and compassion and love. >> police say that they do not suspect foul play in the victim's death. the surge does continue for a teenage girl from chicago southwest side there hasn't been a trace of persons halloween in the garfield ridge neighborhood the kennedy high
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school student was last seen any cta bus stop near the school apparently looking for any clues to the 20 07 disappearance of stacy peterson, this was their fifth day searching over 400 anchors of the camel woods with specially trained dogs have been known to find 10 year-old cadavers her husband drew peterson remains a suspect and is serving time for killing his third wife kathleen savio. cnn is reporting that the fbi had a tip that he was involved with his biographer paul abroad while but try as gave president
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obama his resignationpetraeus gave his resignation today and president barack obama reluctantly accepted and praised him for his service. the fbi said they were concerned about her access to his email. >> nobody believes that this was what they called a honey trap that is it woman controlled by a foreign service this was an extramarital affair for which he has paid a very serious price. in a little toletter to colleagues he said that he showed poor judgment second-in- command at the agency is now the acting director. on the strength of his reelection victory president barack obama says that america backed his plan to raise
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taxes on the wealthy. we are here to explain what it all means. >> congress if they don't act before the end of the year almost every taxpayer will see his or her taxes go up the average household would owe the government $3,500 more every year both parties are calling for compromise. but they both said it was not going to be easy. with a small group of middle-class americans standing behind them today president barack obama states his position on the up coming showdown over the looming fiscal cliff. >> we cannot just cut our way to prosperity if we're serious about reducing the deficit would have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay all little more in taxes he stressed the need for both parties to work together and at
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the same time made it clear where he stands. i'm open to new ideas i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenge. but, i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 are not asked to pay a dime more in taxes. >> the top 5 percent of all taxpayers pay about 50 percent of the income taxes already. he said it's really going to be up to obama and vader to hammer out a deal and if no deal is reached he said there would likely be another recession. today speaker
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banner also addressed the upcoming negotiations. >> everyone wants to get our economy moving again everyone wants to get americans back to work again but raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. analysts say most likely there will be a smaller agreement in the coming weeks that will essentially kick the can down the road until june or july of next year when they will have to renegotiate again they have 51 days to get a deal done. the chicago area could see another teacher's strike this time and west suburban geneva district 304 plans to go on strike monday in dispute over pay the teachers in the school board have scheduled a last- ditch bargaining session for sunday night if there is a strike nonunion staff will keep school buildings open so kids
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will have a safe place to be the empty for a private ambulance company charged with committing a hit and run christian hernandez is accused of striking 53 year-old ronald at the ax at lake forest preserve they found that he took his vehicle a black dodge challenger to an auto shop repair for an estimate the vehicle matched the description of the one responsible and had damages that were consistent with the hit and run he was given $100,000 bond may be too many people turned out for the first ever jobs fair in chicago. whatever is
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available, doesn't matter. some job-seekers expressed a lot of frustration saying they didn't receive any one-on-one attention many showed up with a resin made after the long wait and they say they got none of that the job fair was scheduled to run until 1:00 but there were so many people that it was extended the city does plan to hold more job fears next year. if you smoke want to buy a firearm or play golf it will cost you more. help for veterans a new organization aimed at helping improve services from illinois service members and if you enjoyed the mild weather today you will love this weekend. smokers get it
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again as they well know anytime the government needs money this time a dollar more per pack on cigarettes part of the cook county budget overwhelmingly
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approved today except by one commissioner who smokes. republican and democratic commissioners applauded the passage of a new budget the work of cook county president tony preckwinkle. with commissioner william beaver and the only dissenter of cook county's 2.9 $5 billion budget passes by a 16-1 vote thank you so much for your leadership and working with us to prepare a budget for our government the rest of the
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budget shortfall close with staff cuts in eliminating vacant positions, less overtime consolidating excess office space and reducing health-care costs, most importantly with a federal waiver on medicaid costs that will help the county's overstressed health system. this budget reduces the size of cook county government its $100 million less than our budget two years ago than when i first came into office. this budget doesn't begin to tackle the problem of unfunded pension systems.
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president preckwinkle says that discussions are already under way with the union and the hope is that springfield will take some action preckwinkle wants to wait and see what legislatures will do before she begins to come up with her own plan. >> there is a new public-private partnership designed to improve services for illinois veterans service members and their families the group operation support our troops are giving people an opportunity to drop off items needed by people serving abroad each member will receive at least one 25 lb. box filled with comfort items that cannot be found on their posts. >> we want to make sure we carry out our mission on the home front for caring and defending our democracy far from home. more than 70,000 american troops continue to serve in dangerous places around the world the care packages are
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intended to boost their morale and let them know they are not forgotten mayor emanuel and bilson new program to give military veterans a boost into civilian life, the new initiative called the service to success program and it recognizes veteran training and experience and offer is exclusive scholarships to the maxwell they'll be located on every ccc can thiscampus. we will help you get back on the next battlefield for your country which is an education and your skill development. more than 120 veterans are living in chicago and the national unemployment rate for post not 11 veterans is about 11%. new york solution to long lines, short tempers at the
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can breathe happy. have you tried this yet? save on febreze car and other innovative products at >> new york city is now rationing gasoline since thefor the first time since the fuel shortages of the 1970's, >> the best way we think to cut down and help customers get by
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faster is to help gas station stay open longer introduce the potential for disorder is to alternate the days that drivers can purchase gas. >> 650,000 homes and businesses still without power across the northeast tonight creating misery for storm refugees living without light and heat through cold nighttime temperatures. and held for hurricane sandy survivors on the way from the new york area.chicago area. they have collected diapers strollers clothing dog and cat food as well as cash, kids from the city and suburban schools' donated and road cars as well. we are in third grade class and sending food for dinner. $5 donations my in-laws made that and a lot of people said that's not enough that is enough, drips fill buckets, these are buckets.
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>> the caravan rolled out of the parking lot in hillside this morning, drivers have set up connection with people on the east coast to deliver the gifts to the people most in need. lady liberty holding her torchlight tonight's, it has been dark since sandy hit new york and new jersey, national park service turned on the lights again this evening however the statute and the park on liberty island remain closed because of the aftereffects of the storm. coming up a group of navy seals punished over a video game. and could the recent victories over legalizing marijuana in two states go up in smoke? they're waiting to see if the federal government snuffs out any high hopes of pot for recreational purposes. first lucky
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>> now to medical watch tonight, if you have allergies it may be your phone some phones are worse than others when it comes to sparking a skin reaction on the face and ears, nickel and cobalt are the culprit and blackberries which contain nickel can lead to dry and patchy skin, iphones and droids are nickel and cobalt free plastics cellphone cases can reduce the allergic reaction. with peanut allergies they discriminate choosing to
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strike high income families, according to a study the higher the economic status the greater the risk for allergies researchers after examining over a thousand patients concluded that the hygiene hypothesis is at the root of the problem, over sanitation in higher income households rob a child of the ability to develop immune responses to certain allergens, if you want the ability to eat foods high in starch green tea may help balance blood sugar. they all said the spike in glucose in tests, blood glucose levels were sliced in half when combined with a cup of green tea the benefits are only seeing if you drank green tea without added sugar. a nice warm weekend i had
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puffs softness. o some celebrities arrive in chicago. they came all the way from walt disney the festival this saturday november 17th at 5:30 p.m. there once again the grand marshals of that event
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that includes letting more than 1 million lights on 200 trees. we have the thanksgiving day parade coming up here in chicago as well so lots of good stuff. there are 17 states under weather advisories and only 15 of them covered by snow. they'll grab to this beautiful shot. dale
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grabbed this beautiful shot. it just keeps on giving in terms of fall colors. we have some sunshine through the clouds today but it did cloud up this afternoon. this is the warm front that is getting ready to pass and the winds that will howl from the south behind it. a 63 year record of 71 set back in 1949. before monday morning comes on we may have received as much rain as in any single weather system since july, we have a very low lake and that was set back in 1964. these
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clouds are forming a elongate warm front and you can see that the radar returns have been exploding in aerial coverage. all of the state's illuminated here are under one form of weather advisory or another. the wind chills at this hour are below zero in montana as you can see. 65 at this hour in st. louis. this is a sprawling
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weather system and look at this knows from the mountains all of these little symbols here represent weather stations reporting huge accumulations of snow which includes around the tahoe area in california. that's a sign that you have a very unstable atmosphere that we are working with. in evanston wyoming the snowstorm on the cold side of the system comes in temperatures are in the single digits or low teens with subzero wind chills. here in chicago we had highs that range from 49 at highland park to as warm as 60
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in flossmoor. it looks like it will be rating for the bears game and the fact that would put a jet stream in here means these will be poking up into powerful upper wins. winds. james bill california has gotten 20 in..janesville california has gotten 20 in.. here is what will happen, we have some clout and a couple of showers we think we will go partly sunny. by morning
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the showers to the west will be pressing in on us and while the snow piles up to the north it will be reined in our area. one of the big factors and we will cover that in the update will be the wins these could gust 40- 50 mi. per hour and went on talking about thunderstorms these are stacking the winds from the south. tens of thousands of feet into the jet stream all blown into the same direction. for tonight, mostly cloudy and scattered showers. partly sunny turning windy and noticeably warmer tomorrow. just one degree off of the record and 20 degrees belowabove normal. the
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latest models and here have rainfall and during kickoff time at soldier field. maybe low '60's at kickoff so it will be warm. >> still ahead now they are being punished by several navy seals in big trouble with the pentagon. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the
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rex's mobile home as often. what are you, scared? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic eraser. the pentagon punishes seven navy seals for helping create a popular video game the allegedly disclosed classified information they each got a letter of reprimand docked two months' pay and likely forfeiting future promotions as well. each members of seal team
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61 of them that took part in the assassination of osama bin laden's. >>. >> public use and driving while intoxicated is still prohibited with marijuana today the prosecuting attorney in king county washington said because of the ballot measure he and another county attorney are dropping pending cases of marijuana. federal drug law al was use of the drug in all circumstances but colorado's top measure also requires users to write regulations on how it can be sold with commercial sales starting as early as 2014. there seems to be no point to me to continuing to try to talk to people put them in jail, get
9:41 pm
criminal records and people for conduct which is going to be legal in a couple of weeks. >> 17 states in d.c. allow marijuana use for medicinal purposes the federal drug law prohibits use of the drug. american airlines say they have reached an agreement in principle with its pilots, and a statement they say the deal addresses the issues most important to pilots, it still must be approved by 8000 pilots that fly for american, the airline filed for bankruptcy one year ago and is trying to cut costs, during negotiations they struggled with flight delays and cancellations. america's 16th president gets the spielberg makeover, and the fighting at line 9 all
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>> history buffs will love what to the movie theaters are showing this weekend. dean l. lewis has more. >> 50 years ago james bond made his first appearance on the big
9:45 pm
screen in dr. know, into not taking place in one of the best bond movies of all time is sky fall he has so perfected and updated this character, it is more than bond girls and gadgets, it's a much more well- rounded story that is still tremendously exciting with great action sequences but also for a change, it is emotional and relevant with relatable experience about the mortality of life as the british spy service comes under a modern-day terrorism attack leading 007 to bring down the evil master bynes, judy-is back for her eighth performance but this time and in troubled part of the story and completely in the action this film is beautifully shot with exotic locales and just enough oman's to the franchise is the complete package and one of the best films of the year, a rare dean's
9:46 pm
list a-plus. and then there is the story of the man whose name is on your license plates, steven spielberg does not make it by opec instead it is a look at the man and his political wheeling and dealing trying to solve the civil war and slavery, the movie's only battle scene opens the film but the rest is a meticulous political thriller a gritty look inside 1860's government, along with the famous names from history surrounded him daniel day-lewis is oscar bound with this elegant performance with attention to detail presented methodically like ken burns' documentary about the civil war which is both good and bad it's a two and a half hour movie that sometimes feels like a week-long miniseries one so brilliantly researched that the content and
9:47 pm
pacing felt tedious and dell for history buffs it's a must see epic before the average moviegoer it will be like going to be challenging history lecture. it is a b plus. >> i hope you have a great weekend. >> so many good movies out there, but it sounds like these are good ones, a good weekend to do it if you don't mind missing some warm weather and sunshine, we are in strong southerly winds by sunday morning showers are developing west of us there is midnight on sunday night and
9:48 pm
monday morning, it could briefly go over to some snow and look what happens to these lands by morning gusting to 15 but they pick up to about 25-30 and 40 mi. per hour tomorrow evening look at midnight tomorrow night and daybreak on sunday, the models sometimes runs all little hot on these wins. if it is raining some of that motion tends to go into the vertical. temperatures will be around 60 at game time cooling off during the game. these are tomorrows highs, 76 at the maureen and fear will be up in the '60s after that. on sunday
9:49 pm
temperatures crash late sunday night there could be a brief period of flurries. temperatures starting at 41 and winding up perhaps in the 30's. five games into this season and already a major shakeup in the nba by the coast is already gone and which one is it? this is all next in
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>> friday night hoops night.
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>> the college basketball season sending off tonight the orange crush and in midseason form brandon paul a big game and the man on the spot after he missed three for the rebound. he also cashed in after a turnover, right here the ball turned over and watch him go all the way from the left. no trouble at all. he gets the ball inside and she will gem it home right here, he is off and running and they beat colgate tonight by a score of 75-55. they had a long ball going in this one. he drops it right there, the blue demons in control all the way. later she is shooting from behind the arc. the blue demons of leaded 79-73
9:54 pm
with just four minutes to go. phil jackson has been named as a possible replacement. after an awful first two weeks. >> yesterday afternoon at the last season and this morning we had a final determination of a decision the bottom line is that the team was not winning at the pace that we expected the team to win here and we didn't see improvement. the bears and texans may be headed for a money track. jeffrey is listed with a head injury but he did practice today. the western golf
9:55 pm
association up for a game at the peninsula hotel tonight featuring the great tom watkins. tonight's fund-raiser will help the scholarship fund and the championship tore comes to the chicago area at the north shore country club next year. >> this is a great golf town, great golf courses all over the place in and great golf fans people love to play golf here. >> and there is still a lot of action. the admirals' are in a real issue out. shooed outshoot out the final was 7- 4. they took care of toledo
9:56 pm
tonight 76-50. overseas to germany where michigan state played they turned it all over the huskies were up set then we go back to the u.s. and the marquette game played on the aircraft carrier they try to mop up the conversation but they just couldn't do it. the aircraft carrier, bad weather good thing they didn't play. good school, a good education it's a forfeit. >> thank you rich, that's the news for this friday night.
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